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Origins and Goals

The database is established as an internet platform offering information on Taiwan’s contemporary artists – performance art,video art, new-media art, installation art, and photographic art, in both Chinese and English. There has been a rich exploration in the development of performance art, video art, new-media art, installation art, and photographic art in Taiwan and has already accumulated a great amount of discussions. These discussions are scattered in academic papers, journals, critiques, exhibition catalogues, and on the Internet. As these artists are more and more active in exhibitions both domestic and overseas, it appears to be more difficult to collect information especially for foreigners because it is all scattered. As a result, AVAT’s database expects to work with Taiwanese artists to create a systematic network which is more closely connected. On the bases of rational logic and research, it will provide systematic information for Taiwanese or foreign art professionals to work on their research or exhibition projects. The database is an open and organic platform under the principles of artists’ easy access, spontaneous registration, and information synchronization, continuously establishing and presenting the complete artistic narrative of individual artist, including a brief biography, resume, artistic concept, artwork information, and related art critiques. It also adopts multiple keywords and systematic organization with easy access, allowing users to search what they need immediately as well as increasing the visibility of Taiwanese artists to be seen, be understood, and be invited.

Contents and Specialties

The establishment of the database adopts the context of Taiwan’s art development as an entry to demonstrate the development of performance art, video art, new media art, installation art, and photographic art. The database focuses on artworks after 1980 and features wide-ranging and systemic data processing, clearly presenting information about artists, related narratives, artworks and their artistic concepts. The categorization of data allows users to search for what they need immediately. Our long-term and continuous observation helps us to fully collect information about Taiwan’s contemporary art, while our ultimate goal is to create a complete and multi-dimensional database. The spontaneous registration and update also maintains the activation of the platform. We combine the existing database and the latest open-resource knowledge processing system to develop an Internet platform without indication of any particular period of time. We adopt wiki-like system – the mutual sharing of knowledge – to construct the database, multiplying the accumulation and the sharing of knowledge by transforming users as information resources. Therefore, we increase the natural accumulation system of “knowledge” to create a communication/exchange which is more convenient in the contemporary world. The establishment of Taiwan Art Database offers assistance for various research projects in the different fields of Taiwan’s contemporary art. People benefiting from the database include art critics, curators, art scholars, artists, exhibition organizers, multidisciplinary researchers, and many others. With the help of the database and what it has already achieved, they will be able to conduct research with greater profundity. On the basis of the existing research, it is easier to construct a specific aspect about the history, theory, and practice of Taiwan’s contemporary art and to maintain the research, discussion, and exploration of contemporary art.

Introductions of Performance Art, Video Art, New Media Art, Installation art and Photographic Art

So far, the information about these three art categories included in the database is merely the preliminary results. The content will be expanded after a longer period of time.

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