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The artists’ data what you need and what you want are all over here.

This database is planned and established by the Association of the Visual Art in Taiwan(AVAT). Comprehensively collecting information of contemporary Taiwanese artists, such as personal introduction, exhibition, research, publication that show both the experiences as well creative process of the artists, AVAT aims to provide the most complete and up-to-date information for your research or exhibition-planning, by offering you access to the database with such comprehensiveness, accuracy and unbiasedness.

In current phase, the database starts with categories including Performance Art, Video Art, New Media Art, installation art, photographic art, Painting, Sculpture and Curators/Art Critics, 20~25 artists are included in each of the category respectively, consisting of 158 pieces of data of artists or art event, 1,745 pieces of artworks, 7,559 pictures, 442 videos in total. It is expected to be expanded as time being, as to provide service to more artists, researchers, and exhibition planners.

The database is known for the integrity and accuracy of every data included.

The routine maintenance would be voluntarily provided by AVAT volunteers, who would update information of artists on regular basis. If you have any question or advice concerning the contents, please contact us or leave your valuable feedback in the questionnaire as follows, this would be considered as your contribution to the database.

Sponsored by: The Ministry of Culture (2013-2)、Logo-Tiapei city.jpg(2104-2)

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